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Dr. Praveen Gupta is now affiliated with Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurugram as Director and Unit Head Neurology. He is a well-known Neurologist in India. Aside from that, he established the first stroke centre in Gurugram and was also the first to utilize solo mechanical thrombolysis. He was also the first to do DBS in Gurugram and epileptic DBS in the area.

Dr. Praveen Gupta has established two departments in his 18 years of career in Neurology in two large corporate hospitals in Paras and Artemis seeing largest no. of OPD (100 Patient per day) and IPD (50 patient per day). Credit of starting first stroke centre in Gurugram and first to use solitaire for mechanical thrombolysis also started DBS in Gurugram and DBS for epilepsy in Asia. He is frequently invited speaker at National and International Conferences, Treatments and Services Complete neuroscience centre providing most advanced intervention in all form including all kind of stroke intervention/stroke rehabilitation / botox / cerebral palsy/advanced second line management for multiple scelerosis / epileptic surgery / DBS surgery for PD patients.


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